The Pearson Wedding Planner June 1st, 2002




Wedding Photo Album


Here are some of our photos of Denmark and our Wedding Day, June 1st, 2001


If you want to see more casual picture of our trip click on more pictures below.

More Pictures from the trip to Europe

We decided to take some pictures in Black and White.  These by the alter turned out great. The Church we were married in has been around since 900 A.D.  It became a King's Church in 1732, the date on the outside of the Church.  It is Lutheran now.



Thanks to a tripod, we were able to take these pictures.  It was hard to get descent light inside the church.  I would've had to use the tripod anyway.


Notice 1732 on the Steeple, the church is much older than that. It dates back to the 900's


Pastor Kallenbach and Heidi after the wedding


Beautiful Alter!


The weather turned cool on us, no bare shoulders in this picture.


Heidi's Bouquet